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Bank Mitra BC made a venture into the much-required Financial Inclusion sector with the State Bank of India, which is the largest bank in India. Through this partnership, we are committed to delivering conventional financial services to the bank-excluded population of India by making use of remote- biometric allowed Technology for Kiosk Banking.

The SBI CSP apply will make applicants work as a retailer of Bank Mitra BC and they will be appointed as our Business Correspondents to offer various banking services to the rural public on behalf of the State Bank of India. They will have the right to offer different banking services of the bank to the people in Indian villages with a fixed monthly salary as well as with attractive commissions. This technology is powered by CSP Bank Mitra BC, which is a Web enabled PC based expertise and extremely simple to use. Therefore, anyone can turn out to be a Business Correspondents and open consumer accounts at the kiosk outlet of CSP or Customer Service Point.

All transactions of SBI Kiosk are bio-metrically protected. Printed receipt for all transactions will be issued to the customers and has end-to-end online transactions as well as the process of account opening. Therefore, the SBI CSP apply will offer you an opportunity to work on behalf of the State Bank of India, allowing you to do both Micro savings, as well as Micro remittances through No Frills Savings Bank Accounts at the CSP Kiosks of CSP Bank Mitra BC.

When you become a retailer of Bank Mitra BC through SBI CSP apply, you will be chosen as Customer Service Points or Business Correspondents to the State Bank of India. Therefore, you will be authorized to carry out all sorts of banking transactions in support of the State Bank of India. When you work as a Customer Service Point or a Business Correspondent for the State Bank of India Kiosk Banking, you will be capable of boosting up your income easily and effectively. This is a great business opportunity for you to perform the Kiosk banking of the State Bank of India in your retail outlet. Thus, you will be becoming a Mini Branch of the State Bank of India, which is the major bank in the country.

Through the SBI Kiosk banking, you will be capable of providing your customers with a huge range of SBI banking services, including:

  • Transfer of money to another account holder or business correspondent of the State bank of India in other locations
  • Allowing you customers to deposit their money in their SBI savings account
  • You can facilitate your customers to withdraw their money from their SBI savings account
  • You can disburse loans to your customers

Above all, as a Bank Mitra of the State Bank of India, you are authorized to allow your customers to have a limit of Rs 20,000 per day.

If you would like to improve your bottom line, then Bank Mitra BC is your most reliable business correspondent to get a lucrative job opportunity and earn as much as you can through a fixed monthly income as well as through handsome commissions.

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