Real-time and User-friendly online kiosk banking with Bank Mitra

CSP Kiosk banking provide user-friendly and real-time banking services to the customers within the neighbourhood. Bank Mitra BC has been recognised as a national agent for delivering the banking services to the bank’s customers effectively. Banks that recognise Bank Mitra as their national business correspondent are SBI, Allahabad Bank, Union Bank, Punjab National Bank, Canara Bank, Axis bank, ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda and Bank of India. Bank Mitra is legally authorized for providing online kiosk banking services to the present customers and aim to expand the services to the whole country.

What is Kiosk Banking?

There are a number of people who do not have a savings account in any bank due to the lack of a valid ID proof or address proof. Most of these people who do not have a valid ID proof or address proof are either migrant labourers or factory workers. Due to the lack of the necessary documents it gets very difficult to save their minimum earnings in a safe and secured place or even send their money safely to their families living elsewhere. Through kiosk online Bank, these problems can be addressed and solutions through a number of services that are easily accessible can be offered to the common people who need it. The services offered are:

  • Tatkal money transfer to bank accounts.
  • Balance enquiry or IMPS transactions.
  • E-KYC enrolment or Fixed Deposits.
  • Recurring Deposits or Loan Deposits.
  • Cash withdrawl or cash deposit.
  • Identity Card/ Rupay ATM Card.

About the services that the CSP Kiosk banking provide

In the beginning the CSP kiosk banking will provide banking services like cash deposits, cash withdrawl and transfer of money to other bank account holders in some other location. You can become a CSP kiosk banking partner easily as this facility is available to all CSC retail offices that have web connectivity and there are a number of benefits that CSP kiosk banking provides to its customers, which attracts more customers and in return you can benefit from becoming a partner for CSP Kiosk Banking.
The benefits that you must give your customers when you are a partner of online kiosk banking are:

  • Kisaan Credit Card/ General Purpose Credit Card.
  • Term Deposit/ Recurring Deposit.
  • Regular Savings Bank Account.
  • Loans against term deposits (TDR).
  • ‘No Frill Accounts’ with KIOSK Banking Model.
  • Enough work space to attend 5-6 customers.
  • System configuration (With a minimum configuration of 20 GB in the PC).
  • Internet connectivity through Broadband or VSAT.
  • Standard printer/ finger print device/ scanner.
  • Minimum requirements for setting up of the outlet.
  • Minimum outlet size of 150-200 sq.ft, including a counter.

By becoming a partner to the online CSP Kiosk Banks, you earn as well as increase the customer base for the banks. You can also benefit from the bank’s existing customers by making them your customers along with money transfer facilities and new revenue stream from small-banking.

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