PNB CSP apply

Bank Mitra BC is a leading business correspondent of many nationalized banks in India. We are committed to offering various banking services to the people living in remote as well as in village areas. As a leading business correspondent in India, we offer profitable job opportunities to those who want to join us. We are offering a variety of banking services on behalf of all leading nationalized banks in India.

Bank Mitra BC has plans to expand its network by inviting people who are interested to work as Bank Mitra for the Punjab National Bank, which is one of the leading banks in India. Your PNB CSP apply will fetch you a Customer Service Point of the bank through which you will be capable of functioning as a mini bank. This will enable you to help people in rural areas by providing them with the entire banking services of the Punjab National Bank.

Punjab National Bank, which is a multinational bank in India, was founded in 1894. At present, the bank has more than 80 million customers, 6937 bank branches, and 10681 ATM’s across the country. The bank aims to offer a kiosk Business correspondence model to offer real-time as well as user-friendly financial services. Through Kiosk service, the Punjab National Bank offers Online Kiosk banking services at the Bank Mitra BC location, IMPS at BC location, Micro ATM’s at BC location, PNB sanchay micro deposit, PNB MBFD, and much more.

The PNB CSP apply will not only transform you into a Bank Mitra of the Punjab National Bank. It will also enable you to earn a civilized income as well as handsome commissions for the services you are offering to the rural public on behalf of the bank. This is for the reason that you will be appointed as the agent for the Punjab National Bank, particularly in areas of the country, where there is no access to banking services or the bank has no branches to offer its services. You will be capable of providing unbanked people of India with numerous services on behalf of the Punjab National Bank.

Besides offering you a lucrative job opportunity, Bank Mitra BC aids you considerably in improving your bottom line easily, quickly, and effectively through the services you are offering at the customer service point of PNB. This is for the reason that you will become an authorized retailer of the Punjab National Bank. As a retailer, you will be getting a fixed monthly salary that ranges from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5500, regardless of the branch. Aside from the fixed salary, you will also get incentives for offering a huge range of banking services of PNB, including the issuance of the debit card, account opening, and insurance. When you become a Bank Mitra, you will be capable of getting a maximum loan amount of Rs. 1.25 lakhs.

You can earn a substantial income in the form of commission by paying utility bills, recharging the mobile phones, as well as cable TV recharging of your customers.