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अपने शहर या गाँव में “मिनी बैंक” शुरू करने के लिए निचे दिए गए फॉर्म का विवरण पढ़िए और उचित जानकारी प्रदान करें.


Following criteria must be fulfilled before Bank Mitra Registration:

  1. 18 years and over
  2. IT skills
  3. Willing to invest in the CSP project
  4. Responsible person
  5. Full of curiosity
  6. Unemployed

Apply Online for CSP with BANK MITRA BC

CSP, short for Customer Service Point, is also known as Bank Mitra. Mitra Bank CSP is a recognition designed under a public-private partnership or abbreviated as PPP. CSP Bank Mitra BC is a technology entrepreneur and business hub for many banks. Our organization was established for the sole purpose of providing the best banking facilities to people in remote areas. We are committed to providing CSP Application services that meet the needs of the right people.

BANK MITRA BC is a nationally recognized banking agency that provides the public with large branch-free lending and Online CSP Registration facilities. Our extensive network is always available to provide the support our business partners need and to provide loyal bank customers with the best facilities.

Our role is to meet the basic documents and needs to Apply Online For CSP, submit records to an authorized BCA, and set up new kiosk banking operators nationwide.

Documents required when applying to CSP Bank.

Documents required for Bank CSP Apply online include:

  • Proofs of identity such as PAN cards, driver’s licenses, passports, Aadhar cards, election cards, or other government certificates.
  • Accommodation Certificates like Electricity Bill, Aadhar Card, Telephone Bill, Distribution Card, and Election Card.
  • You must pass at least the 10th standard and submit a Xerox copy of the score sheet, and other training documents for CSP BC Apply online.
  • A variety of other documents such as police confirmations, books, work addresses, two suitable photos, and more.

Services provided by CSP providers

BANK MITRA BC is committed to providing a range of Bank Mitra BC Apply services to individuals of all categories in India. We are people who act as intermediaries for banks in places where we are unlikely to open a bank branch. When you become a service provider of SBI and work with Bank Mitra BC, you will also be capable of using technology easily. Anybody can become open a CSP outlet for SBI without putting in much effort by forwarding the CSP Application through this SBI business correspondent.

Open Account

Any CSP can open an E-KYC savings account and earn up to Rs 100 per account opened.

Cash Deposit

Customers can deposit cash into their accounts via CSP anywhere in India, and CSP will receive a fee for all transactions.

Cash Withdrawal

Through AEPS, all customers can withdraw cash from their account via CSP transactions, and CSP will earn up to Rs 25 per transaction.

Money Transfer

Through IMPS, CSP service providers can instantly transfer any client money to any bank in India 24/7, with sufficient income for each transaction.


CSP may open Atal Pension Account and get a maximum of Rs. 50 for each such transaction.

Jeevan Bima

CSP service providers can provide individuals with government insurance and earn sufficient income from all transactions.

There are several useful reasons to Apply For CSP Registration account with us. In addition to having a range of professional and specialized banking services, all your financial needs will be taken care of in good faith. In addition to that, you will also be able to lead a hassle-free life by investing your money in various profitable plans.

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